Marinas Gaviota are located in the most important tourist destinations in Cuba. We offer services of the highest quality, with comfortable boats of last generation. We carry out activities such as fishing, diving, swimming with dolphins, sunset, life on board, walks and our most famous excursion “Crucero del Sol”. We have international ports with marine services, restaurants, accommodation, first class equipment, a highly qualified staff and optimal service quality.

Marinas Gaviota is pleasure; is to realize the illusion of living
"An adventure in the sea"




The most famous excursion in Cuba aboard a catamaran. It combines nature and the sea with a pleasant sailing trip, the perfect allies for an unimaginable journey. Exquisite national and marine food, drinks that please the most demanding tastes, snorkeling moments in multicolored coral barriers, beach times of incomparable beauties, interaction with dolphins, the professional guide of expert crews aboard our modern catamaran fleet and the guarantee that you will spend an unforgettable evening. Available in Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco and Oriente... READ MORE


Our Diving Centers have varied sites where you can appreciate a wide variety of corals and fish, calm and warm Water, diversity and richness, attractions that identify Cuba as a true paradise under the sea, always from the defense and conservation of its marine ecosystems, and discover a magical world that translates into true joy of colors and silent movements. We have specialized boats, high standard equipment and a group of instructors with experience and high professional level. Available in all our marinas... READ MORE


An opportunity that opens for lovers of fishing. With a modern boats and experienced crews we offered several modalities, among which the Trolling Fishing, Spinning and Fly stand out. A sailing enjoying the charms of our seas, and the expectation of species to be captured. Available in all our marinas... READ MORE


Our dolphinariums offer the possibility of interacting and sharing unforgettable moments with these mammals of great beauty and incredible intelligence. As part of the most requested excursions in our marinas, our programs include a group of highly attractive exercises, such as jumps, acrobatics and free interaction. An unforgettable experience to live as a family. Available in Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco and Oriente... READ MORE


Sailing in our catamarans is a unique experience, it is the ideal pretext to relax and enjoy nights at sea accompanied by family and friends. An exciting experience mixing nature and adventure allowing you to get closer to our environment, enjoying unparalleled moments in direct contact with the nature of our coasts. One of the most demanded products and that increasingly receives more interest among vacationers who love the sea. Available in Marina Varadero... READ MORE


By joining the sun on the horizon by the sea they make a unique show of colors that you can hardly forget. One of the most amazing moments you can experience. Mixing navigation with the natural environment makes this excursion an unforgettable experience. Designed to share moments of great beauty aboard our boats, to witness the passage from day to night and share it with your partner, family and friends, it is an instant that it is well worth adding to the set of experiences to live. Available in all our marinas... READ MORE


Unforgettable experience on board ours boats that take you to contemplate closely the natural treasures that hide the waters and the cays of our island. Conceived for those who want an approach to nature, it is the ideal option to spend a day at sea with your family and friends. Available in all our marinas... READ MORE


The beach nautical points are associated to all the hotels belonging to the Gaviota Hotel Group of the tourist pole Varadero. They offer among other services tours in Hobie Kat catamarans, kayaking, water bicycles, sailing and wind surfing... READ MORE


The best opportunity to get to know Cuba and arrive by sea on your own boat. A gateway for yachtsmen and sailors who love good tourism and hospitality. You can stay for long periods enjoying the benefits of our climate and the unparalleled beauty of natural environments. Available in Varadero, Oriente and Cabo San Antonio...READ MORE


A safe option for those who need docking and repairs. We offer engine repair services, helmet paints, cleaning, fiberglass, wood, welding, electricity and others. Available in Varadero... READ MORE



  • "We will return without doubt"

    Excellent tour, beautiful place, beautiful Caribbean place, excellent drinks. The friendliest crew. We were delighted with the beauty of Cuba. We will return without doubts. Swimming in the sea was the best.

    Greetings from Chile.Paola.
  • "Highly recommended"

    A highly recommended and unforgettable experience, very good crew, excellent food and boat. We came with two children and no problem.

  • "Cinco estrelas"

    5 estrelas

    Ines Martins, Ana paula Silva. Portugal
  • "Enjoyed very much"

    Clean boat, excellent knowledge and experience fishing. Relaxed and friendly crew. Enjoyed very much.

    Wayne Watson, Alina Sawn. Canada
  • "We had a great time"

    We had a great time, the crew was amazing, Snorkeling, Swimming on the island. Great food and people.

    Laura Young. Canada